Election Commission of India lehkha No.51/8//6/2015-EMS dated 23rd November, 2015 in phalna a pek angin vawiin khan Aizawl District Bawrhsap Dr Franklin Laltinkhuma District Election Officer ni bawk kaihhruainain Aizawl Election Office bula Strong Room chu hawn a ni a, EVM te pawh enfel a dah fel nghal a ni. He hunah hian Party tin aiawh hotute an tel kim vek bawk a ni.

Electronic Voting Machine chungchanga felhlel deuh awm ni anga Guwahati High Court a thu thehluh chu Court chuan “thu tlinglo” a tih hnuah ECI phalnain strong room te hi hawn a nih thu District Bawrhsap chuan sawiin Guwahati High Court thutlukna hi Supreme Court-ah thehluh a nih hriat a ni lova, chumi avang chuan ECI thupek angin vawiin khan hawn a ni a, EVM a thil chuangte a tahrik leh hmingte pawh nuaibo vek remtih a nih thu a sawi bawk.

Strong Room hawn mek lai hian Candidate te vote hmuh dan pawh a ngai ngaiin a la awm vek thu sawiin Aizawl DC chuan tracking software no. zawng zawngte pawh cross check zawh vek tawh a ni a, chuvang chuan tunah hian EVM chu ECI thupek angin clear vek tawh tur a nih thu a sawi bawk.

EVM te hi Strong Room atanga la chhuakin a dahna tur siam pindan dang (primary Warehouse) ah vawiin atang khan dahluh nghal an ni a, District Bawrhsap bakah Pu Lalchungnunga, Addl. DC leh Pi Lalchhandami Election Officer leh Official dangte he hunah hian an tel a ni.

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