Author : Saihmingliana Sailo

Odisha-ah June 1 tlai khan hmun hrang hrangah tekin mi 15 a deng hlum.Bhubaneswar daifema tek tlain mi 3 a deng hlum a, Kendrapada district-a hmun hnih-a tek tlain mi 1 ve ve a deng hlum bawk a ni.

June 1 tlai vek khan Odisha-a Gajam district-ah tek tlain mi 4 a denghlum a, Bhadrak district-ah tek thlain mi 2 a denghlum bawk, Mayurbhanj district-ah tek tla bawkin mi 2 a deng hlum leh a, he hmunah hian tekin a den mi 2 na takin an hliam bawk.Tun hnaia Odisha state-a tekin mi a den hlum hi 25 an tling tawh a ni.


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