Mpc ten AH&Vety minister Sum tichingpenah puh

MPC Thalai President V.Lalthazuala chuan AH &Vety Minister C.Ngunlianchunga leh a laina hnai Vety Doctor ten NLUP hnuaia bawng vulh tute chanpual tur sum an tih chingpen sak ngei tih a sawi.

MPC Thalai hruaitute hian Thawhlehni khan an party President Lalhma-ngaiha Sailo chenna In Tuivamit-ah executive meeting neiin an Pre-sident V.Lalthazuala chuan Vety Minister chu finfiah a cho takzet em tih an zawt tih sawiin finfiah a cho lo anih chuan TV kaltlang a mipuite hmaa a thiltih sual thup nana insawi thiam tum lovin bawng vulhtute hnenah an chan tur dik tak pe kir se a him zawk tur thu a sawi bawk.


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