Adhaar nei nuai 4 chuang

Author: Dingdi
  • uid nei tawh zat

Mizorama mihring za zela 58.51-in Biometic enrolment an ti tawh a, Adhaar nei tawh mi nuai 4 sing 4, sang 9 leh 498 an awm tawh bawk.

Directorate of Census Operations atanga sawi danin, Mizoram chhiarpui hnuhnung bera mi Nuai 10 Sing 9 Sang 7 leh 206 awma chhinchhiah a nih laiin National Population Register-ah chuan Nuai 10 Sing 8 leh 950 nia chhinchhiah a ni ve thung a, hetah hian Bio-Metric Enrolment-a inziaklut tawh mi Nuai 5 leh 5,929 awm tawhin, Aadhar nei tawh hi za zela 51.98 awm tawh anga chhut a ni.


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