Android Phone Password Theihnghilh Reset Dan

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1) Switch off la, 10-15 sec. vel han nghak phawt teh. (Switch off dawn hian Power button kha hmet vang vang la, Power off tih kha select theihin a awm ang.

2) Volume Up leh power button kha hmet vang vang la, a hnuaia milem ang hi Recovery mode a lo lang ang.
(Thenkhat ah chuan Volume up leh power key leh home key a ni thin bawk).

3) Volume up and down key khan Wipe data/factory reset tih ah khan chhuk la, (a theih loh chuan Vol Up Button kha hmet vang vang la, factory reset menu kha a select theih ang).

4) power button kha hmangin select rawh le.

5) A dawt ah “android recovery option want your conformation, you want to factory reset your android device? tih a lo lang mai thei a, confirm or OK or Yes kha thlan mai tur.

6) I nghak vang vang ang a, data a reset chhung kha a rei zawng a inang ngai lem lova, chuvangin battery low dawn ah tih a tha lem lo.

7) A zawh hnuah phone thenkhat chu amahin a in restart mai thin a, in restart lova menu bawk a lo lan leh chuan “reboot system” tih kha volume key khan select la, power key khan I OK dawn nia.

Ti khan I phone chu setup thar ang in a lo awm ang a. phone a I thil dah a paih thung dawn a ni.

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