5/6/16 2:00am vel khan Vangchhe khua (Kawtchhuah ropui awmna) mipa naupang C. Biakhmingmawia kum 12 mi chu Pa eisual in a boral a’ 12:00 noon hian vuiliam ani.

June 3 Zirtawp ni zan khan Pasawntlung leh Pa seek kan pawlh in an chhungkua in an ei a, he mi zan ațang hian an talbuai hlwm ani. An luak bak ah an inthiar ngun hle hlawm a, tun a boral ta hi chu a inthiar ve thei lo a mahse nimin lam kha chuan a tho harh ve viau a, nizan zan lai vel khan tal buai leh țan in June 5 zing dar 2:00 am vel khan a boral ta ani.

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