Author : Saihmingliana Sailo

7th June : US presidential candidate ni tura inchuhna kal zelah nimin khan Democratic party-a dinhmun sang luah chho zeltu, Hillay Clinton chuan candidate ni tura vote (delegate) hmuh ngai zat turte hmu tlingin presidential candidate a ni thei dawn ta a, a tir atanga delegate a neih tawh hi 2,383 a tling chho tawh a ni. Hetihlai hian beihna a tawk nghal zat a, Bernie Sanders chuan July thlaa Democratic National Convention an neih hunah vote kalhmanga dik lote chin chhuah a tum thu a sawi nghal a, November thlaa President thlan hunah Clinton-i ai chuan Donald Trump khing tura a ‘fit’ zawk thu a sawi a ni.

Republican candidate mi hruanghrau na tak Donald Trump bei tur hian Secretary a nih laia e-mail chungchang leh thil danga sawi neuh neuh nei Clinton-i hian a beih fe a ngai dawn a, October 9 leh 19 khian debate neih an hmabak a an inbeih dan a ngaihnawm chho tulh tulh dawn a ni.


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