Author : Saihmingliana Sailo

8th June : Russian Tennis player lar, Maria Sharapova (29)chu International Tennis Federation (ITF) chuan kum 2 chhung tennis khel thei lo turin a hrem ta. Sharapova hian kumin January 26 khan Australian Open-ah damdawi hman phal loh World Anti-Doping Agency-in damdawi hman phal loh, ‘meldonium’ (mildronate an tih bawk) chu a lo hman avangin a chungchang thu ngaihtuah a ni a, vawiin June 8 khan ITF chuan thu tlukna a siam fel ta a ni.

ITF thutlukna hi Court of Arbitration for Sport-ah appeal theih a ni a, Sharapova hian a Facebook page-ah CAS ah hian appeal a tum thu a sawi nghe nghe a ni. Khatia damdawi hman phal loh a hmang tih finfiah a nih khan Sharapova hian a thiltih suial lian tak a nih thu sawiin pawi a tih thua lo sawi tawh a, hetia ITF thutlukna a hriat meuh hi chuan thutlukna dik lo tiin a sawi leh si a ni.


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