Ct Lalrinawma on 20th June 2016

Nimin June 19 ah South China Sea tuipui-Indonesia ramin kan ram tia an hauh Natuna Island-ah Chinese sangha mantute um bo nan Indonesian Navy ten silai an hmet puak chiam a, China sorkar “chuan hliam pakhat awmin Hainan province ah enkawl tura lak a ni,” a ti. Indonesia erawh chuan, “China flags tar lawngte um kian nan silai kan hmet puak a, hliam an awm thu hriat a ni lo,” a ti thung.

Natuna Island hi China chuan a ram hauh chinah a puang a; Indonesia lahin kan ram an ti bawk si. Chinese Foreign Ministry thupuangtu Hua Chunying chuan, Indonesia chu fimkhur turin leh hma thar la lo turin a hrilh a, Beijing chuan official takin Jakarta hnenah insawifiahna a phut. Indonesia Navy ten lawng an hren sak tih an sawi lo.

Kuminah ringawt Indonesia hauh chin South China Sea tuipuiah hetiang thil thleng tha lo, a awm vawi 3na a ni. March thla khan Borneo khawtlang tuipui kamah Chinese sangha mantute nen an intithiamlo tawh a; a hnuah Chinese Naval lawngte an hmu a; Indonesia chu China lakah a lungawilo hle a ni.

Kum 2010 leh 2013 ah pawh Indonsesia tuipui hauh chinah Chinese Navy lawngte hmuh niin an sawi a, khatih laia Indonesia President Susi chuan China ram nen boruak thalo neih duh lohna vangin ngawih an lo chuh tawh a ni.


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