Chilean Andrea Koch-Benvenuto,kum 31- a upa, world no.682 chu infiammi khawsak phung nilo lutuka a khawsak avangin professional tennis tournament atangin thla thum chhung hrem a ni.

Andrea hi Sao Jose Dos Campos, Brazil ah ITF Women’s tournament ah Perez Rojas nen intumlaiin a khup hliam enkawl tura tih a ni a, mahse hei hi Andrea hian duh loin court ah a mobile phone a hmang a, Chair Umpire in titawp tura a hrilh pawn a zawm duh lo a, hei bakah hian official te leh a tumpuite lakah tawngkam hawihhawm lo tak² a chhakchhuak bawk a ni.

Hei mai hi ala nilo, court a chhuahsan hnuah Supervisor office ah kalin an result chu inhnukdawk (retirement) angarecord turin a hrilh a, mahse hei hi Supervisor hian alo pawmsak duh lo a, a thinrimin Supervisor mobile phone a vawmchhiatsak bawk a ni.

Heng a khawsak dan avang hian thla 3- hremna pek anih bakah mobile phone a tihchhiat man $199 chawi tura tih a ni a, thilsual a tih avangin $500 chawi tura tih a ni bawk.


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