Mary Kom Olympic ah tel dawn lo, BOXING CHAWLHSAN LA TUM LEH RIH LO!!

POSTED by Mafela Ralte On June 22, 2016

AIBA ad-hoc committee chairman, Kishen Narsi chuan Mary Kom chu Olympic a qualify zo lo mahse boxing a sulhnu a neih that avanga Olympic a a tel theih nana Continental quota hmanga IOC hnen a an dilsakna chu International Olympic Committee in a hnawl thu a puang.
Narsi chuan IOC lam rorel dan ah chuan Olympic liam ta vawihnih a boxer pariat tir tling lo an duhsak dawn avangin India tan he quota hi chan theih a nilo a ti.

2012 Olympic ringawt ah pawh India boxer pariat an tel a ni.

Mary Kom, 33 chuan Olympic 2016 zawh lamah chuan boxing chawlhsan a tum thu lo puang tawh mahse, a rilru a thlak leh thu a sawi.

Olympic 2016 a qualify zo ta lo five time world champion ang 2012 olympic bronze medalist Mary Kom chuan ka takse dinhmun te ka thlirin ka rilru hi ka thlak leh ta ni a ti. A hmalam pawh a la eng tho nia a hriat thu a sawi lang nghal bawk.


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