POSTED by Francis Da Gunner On June 26,2016

MotoGP qualifying ah Spanish rider Marc Marquez a chesual a, mahse a bul lawka awm scooter, chahbi invuah awm chu hmuin a khalh tawp a, he scooter hi photographer ta niin Marquez hian qualifying ah palina a nih theih phah a ni.

“Qualifying ah khan chesualin second lap ah ka tlu a. Marshals (an tluka lo buaipuitu) ho an awmna a hla deuh bawk sia, scooter chahbi invuah, a bula tumah awm lo ka hmu a, ka lak chiah khan Tino (photographer)ka hmu chauh a, hman ka dil a, mi hmantir ve mai bawk a. Pit lamah a rang thei ang bera thlen kha ka duh a, dik taka sawi chuan lo phal lo mahse ka la tho ang ! Ka team ten hna ropui tak min thawhsak a ka lawm khawp mai, track ah lap hnih ka tlan theih phah bakah palinaah ka thlen theih phah a ni”, tiin Marquez hian a thil tawn chungchang a sawi.


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