Jun 29, 2016, (Nilaini) a Cabinet thukhawm chuan 7th pay commission-in sorkar hnathawk hlawh (overall pay-basic pay+allowances)23.6% a tihsan a rawtna chu a approve ta.

Nimin lam khan Commission lamin a recommend ai hian a tisang zawk dawn ni a sawi thawm a awm na in Commission recommended ang a approve a ni ta a ni.

Pay Commission-in recommend ang chuan hlawh sang hi kumin January 1 atanga hman tan (implement) tur kha a ni.

Basic pay sanna hi 14.27% niin The increase in the basic pay is 14.27% alloawnces te nen a vaiin 23.6% ah tihsan a ni a. He hlawh sang hi central sorkar-a thawk mi 47 lakh leh pensioner 52 lakh ten an chhawr tangkai dawn a ni.

He hlawh thar hman tur avang hian kumtin sorkar-in exchequer-in Rs 1.02 lakh crore additional a sen belh a ngai dawn a, hei hi GDP a 0.7 per cent dawn a ni.

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