Aizawl in Smart City Project-a hamthatna dawng dawn lo!

POSTED by Dingdi On July 4, 2016

  • Free WiFi Sawi laiin project an thehluh a tha tawk lo
  • Department Thu a inkalh

Sorkar laipuiin khawpui thlanbik tih hmasawn bik tura a thlanchhuah ‘Smart City’ zingah Aizawl chu thlan tel ni mah se, project thehluhah duhthusamlo lai deuh a awm avangin hamthatna dawng tura thlan a la ni lo. Smart City ruahmanna thar hi June ni 29, 2016 khan thehluh that leh a ni.

Thudawn danin Ministry of Urban Dev-elopment chuan India ram khawpui 100-te chu a bika tih hmasawn turin a thlang a, chung khaw-pui thlanchhuah 100 zinga 97 chuan smart city atana ruahmanna an neihte chu an thehlut a, heng zingah hian khawpui 97 chu smart city atan hian pawm a ni.

Heng atang hian khawpui chei tur bik 20 thlanchhuah leh a ni a, mahse round 1 a tling khawpuite hian India ram state hrang hrang a huap zolo deuh nia Ministry lamin a hriat avangin khawpui thlan-chhuah bik 23 te chu ‘Fast Tract Cities’ tia vuahin an ruahmanna te thehlut tha leh turin a ti a. Heng khawpui 23 zing atang hian khawpui 13 chu smart city hamthat-na sum dawng thei tur an ni a, ruahmanna thehlut zingah hian Aizawl pawh a tel a, mahse point 1 in a tling zo lo.

Aizawl tlinlohna chhan hi Ministry of Finance leh Ministry of Urban Development-te thuchhuak inanloh vang leh inhriatpawh tawkloh vang te, khawpui dang ten sum intumsem dan turah 50:50 anga project an siam laiin Aizawl chuan 90:10 in an siam vang niin UD&PA Secretary Dr. Vanlalramsanga chuan thudawnna a hrilh.

Smart City atan hian Aizawl chu thlan a ni tawh a, khawpui tihhma-sawnna tur sum hi a dawng dawn tho a, mahse proposal nei tha ten an dawng hmasa dawn a ni. 2nd round ah hian khawpui 64 te chu an inel leh dawn a, Aizawl khawpui chu thlan a nih chuan smart city sum a hmang thei ve tawh dawn a ni.

Smart city tur hian tui, eng, inkalpawhna, boruak thiangthlim, IT tha te bakah hriselna tha te mipui a bikin hmeichhia, naupang leh upa zawkte him leh zalen taka awmtir te chu a tum ber a ni.


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