The Legend of Tarzan a chhuak na’ngin Finding Dory a rawn khum thei lo. Box office-ah chuan Finding Dory bawk sum lalut hnem ber a ni leh a, chawlhkar thumnaah pawh USD mtd 41.9 zet mai a la lalut thei fo.

Disney animation movie hian kar tawp ni thum chhung khan USD mtd 41.9 zet a lakluh belh leh a, hengte nen hian USD mtd 372.2 zet mai North America aṭangin a thawk chhuak tawh a ni. Hetianga a hlawhtlin avang hian Toy Story 3 thlen chin a thlen mai piah lamah a khum theih ngei beisei a ni. Toy Story 3 hian North America bikah USD mtd 415 lalutin, N. America box office-a Pixar movie sum lalut hnem ber pathumna a ni a, hei hi tunkar hi chuan Finding Dory hian a rawn khum theih an beisei. Sum lalut hnem dangte chu The Lion King (USD mtd 422.8) leh Shrek 2 (USD mtd 441.2) te an ni.

The Legend of Tarzan a chhuak thar a, a che ṭha ve tho nachungin, Finding Dory a la ropui tluan zel avangin a ropui tur angin a ropui tawk thei lo. Amaherawhchu he film siamtute beisei ang zat ve erawh a hmuchhuak thei tho. The Legend of Tarzan hian USD mtd 30 vel a lakluh theih an ring a, an beisei hi khumin, USD mtd 38.1 zet a thawk chhuak a ni.

Movie thar dang, The Purge: Election Year a chhuak bawk a, he movie hi a siamna senso aṭanga chhut chuan a hlawhtling viau. USD mtd 10 vel senga siam a ni a, kar tawp chhung khan USD mtd 30.9 zet a hmu tling thei.

Box office movies

“Finding Dory” – $ mtd 41.9

“The Legend of Tarzan” –
$ mtd 38.1

“The Purge: Election Year” –
$ mtd 30.9

“The BFG” – $ mtd 19.6

“Independence Day: Resurgence” – $ mtd 16.5

“Central Intelligence” – $mtd12.3

“The Shallows” – $ mtd 9

“Free State of Jones” – $ mtd 4.1

“The Conjuring 2” – $ mtd 3.8

“Now You See Me 2” – $ mtd 2.95


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