Kawrthah nula in North east Young Artist Talented Award dawng dawn


Nula Lalhruaitluangi(Tluangpuii) d/o Sanghmingthanga, Kawrthah chu Northeast Young Artist Talented Award dawng tura thlan a ni.

He award hi October 2016 hian Kohima/Guwahati-ah hlan a ni ang. Ani rual hian Mizoram atangin midang 1 thlan a ni bawk.

Tluangpuii hi BA final semester zirlai niin Mizoram Arts Development Society-ah executive member ni lai mek a ni bawk.

Intihsiakna lamah hian sulhnu a la ngah lo; vawi 3 chiah a la telnachungin lawmman a la thei a. Face painting (open category) leh my dream city (selected artists) -ah lawmman 1-na ve ve lain college level-ah 3-na lawmman a la tawh bawk.


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