• Heroin vanga thi awm tan kum
  • Proxyvon vanga thi awm tan kum
  • OD a thi tawh zat

Nikum leh kumin chhung hian hlawm lian tak takin ruihhlo tum 4 halral a ni tawh a, ruihhlo halral zawng zawng hi Rs (vbc 14, nuai 59, sang 6 leh 681) 14,59,06,681/- man hu zet a ni. Ruihhlo halral zinga cheng nuai 59.43 hu zet chu Central YMA hnuaia din SRS te mankhawm sa a ni.

Nikum chhung khan Central YMA hnuai a din Supply ReductionService (SRS) te man khawmsa ruihhlo chi hrang hrang tum hnih hlawm lian tak takin halral a ni a, July 4, 2015 khan ruihhlo chi hrang hrang Rs. nuai 19, sing 1 sang 6 leh 900/- man hu man chu CYMA pisa tualah halral a ni.

Hemi hnu October 17, 2015 khan SRS te man khawm sa vek hi Home Minister R Lalzirliana chuan halral leh bawkin, hemi tum a ruihhlo halral te hi Heroin hawng 28, Can 550 leh Chhinsen 87;Alprozelum strip leh Tramadol mum 11,134; Ganja packet 27, Methamphetaminemum 4,200 te a ni a, local market rate-a Rs. nuai 12 leh sing 6 (12,60,000/-) man hu zet a ni.

SRS te hmalakna veka ruihhlo man khawm sa hi Central YMA Office tualah kumin February 20 khan halral a ni leh a, ruihhlo halralna hun hi Finance Minister Lalsawta hova hman niin, hemi tum a ruihhlo halral te hi No 4 hawng 28 leh can 448, Alprazolam strip 274 leh Ganja Kg. 1 a ni a. Aizawla an hralhna rate-a chhutin ruihhlo halral zawng zawng hlutzawng hi Rs. nuai 27,sing 6 sang 6 leh 800/- a ni.

Nikum leh kumin chhunga SRS ten ruihhlo an man khawmsa halral zawng zawng te hi avaiin Rs nuai 59,sing 4 sang 3 leh 700/- man hu zet a tling. Heng ruihhlo an hal ral tak bak ruihhlo an man thahnem tak te pawh SRS te hian Police leh Excise & Narcotics hnenah hlan an nei bawk.

Hetianga SRS te man khawmsa ruihhlo nikum leh kumin chhunga tum thum zet halral a nih tawh lai hian June June 24, 2016 khan R.Lalzirliana Excise & Narcotics Minister chuan Brigade Field, Bawngkawnah International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Traffiking denchhenin Excise & Narcotics dept man khawmsa ruihhlo chi hrang hrang Rs. vbc 13, nuai 99, sing 6 sang 2 leh 981/- man hu zet a halral a, ruihhlo halral te hi Heroin5.653 Kgs, Ganja 574.821 Kgs, Alprozolam 2,319 tabs, Diazepam 20 tabs, Spasmo Proxyvon 82,056 capsules, Methamphetamine 48,000 tabs, Pseudo mum vbc 1, nuai 52,sing 1 sang leh 550 Parvon Spas 7,000 capsules leh Nitrazepam 2,000 tabs te an ni.

Hemi nen hian nikum leh kumin chhunga SRS leh Excise & Narcotics department in ruihhlo an mankhawmsa an halral zawng zawng hi Rs vbc 14,nuai 59 sang 6 leh 691/- man hu a tling.

Hriat theih chinah Mizoram-ah kum 1984 khan Heroin OD vanga thi an awm tan a, kum 1990 atangin spasmo-proxyvon vanga thi an awm tan bawk a. Kumin 2016, June 9 thleng khan ruihlo hrang hrang hmansual avangin mi 1,300 zet thi an awm tawh a ni.


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