Hmeichhe Laka Mawilo Taka Khawsak Tum An Man

POSTED by Dingdi On July 8, 2016

Sakawrtuichhun khawtlang chuan July 5, 2016 zan khan Lalrinchhunga, kum 52 chu hmeichhia pakhat laka mipat hmeichhiatna lam hawia mawi lo taka khawsak a tum avangin an man a, Zonuam Police kuatah an hlan.

Sakawrtuichhun khawtlang hian Lalrinchhunga hi an veng ah manin Police kuta hlan an tum a, Lalrinchhunga thiltih avanga mipui thinrim pung khawm chuan Lalrinchhunga hi Police kuta hlan an remti lova, zan lama an man a nih vangin, hun eng emaw chen khawtlang mipui thinrim leh Police-te hi an indan buai hnuah, police-te hian Lalrinchhunga hi an la thei hram a ni.

Lalrinchhunga hi Saitlaw khaw chhuak a ni a, thubuai a neih avangin Central Jail-ah a tang a, Jail atanga a chhuah a nih hnuah Sakawrtuichhun-ah hian mi Inah kar hnih vel a khawsa hman a ni. Lalrinchhunga hi thubuai siamsak a ni a, Police Women Cell-in thu zawhfiah atan an kawl mek a ni.


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