POSTED by Kiddy Vanchhawng On July 8, 2016

Jul 8, 2016, MSR: Khawvel ram ropui, US chuan an ram hruaitu ber ni turin hmeichhia an neilo ang tih a sawi hleihtheih loh laiin a sangawizawnpui, Britain pawhin kum 40 emaw zet liam ta a, hmeichhe PM ropui tak, Margaret Thatcher (1979-1990) a lo neih tawh hnu-ah tunhnaia Brexit vote avanga David Cameron-an kumin October thla hian ban a tum tak avangin a aiawh tur atan home secretary, Theresa May leh energy minister, Andrea Leadsom te a chhawpchhuak ve leh ta rup mai!

Nimina Conservative hruaitu inthlitfimna second round atanga Justice Secretary Michael Gove paihthlak anih ve lehtak avangin tunah chuan May leh Leasdom te hi all-women contest-ah an inchaltauh dawn ta a ni.

May leh Leadsom te hian final round atana rampuma Conservative Party te convince ngei tumin campaign an nei tan nghal ang a, a chak zawk hi September 9 ah puan a ni ang. Heta a chak zawk zawk hi Britain PM an ni dawn a, Britain Hmeichhe PM pahnihna an ni ngei dawn a ni.


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