Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL, also know as ISIS) te chuan Syria ram chhunga awm Syrian government army te control-na Palmyra khawpui hnaihah hian Russian military Helicopter an kapthla a, pilots pahnih ten nunna hlutak an chan tih Russia’s defense ministry chuan sawiin local media ten an tarlang a ni.

ISIS ho in Russia pilots pahnih te chu nimin piah firday khan Homs region atangin an lo bei tan tawh niin Interfax news agency chuan a tarlang. Tin, he thil thlengah ISIS ten an mahni tih ah an inchhal nghal bawk niin SITE monitoring group ten an sawi.

September 2015 – July 2016 inkara Syria rama Russian sipai thi 12 an tling tawh a ni. Syria ramah hian US leh Russia te chu thawkdun angin lang mahse US in President Assad thlak an duh avangin ISIS leh Rebels group hrang hrang te chu ralthuam nen tanpuiin Assad forces te an beih tir a; Russia ve thung chuan Syria President thlawpin air-strike hmangin nasa takin IS leh rebels group te an nuai a ni.


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