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  • Unau kaphlumtu tlanbo

Ni 9/7/2016 khan Lalrindika (26) s/o Vanlalchhuanga, West Lungdar, chu Central Jail atangin a tlanchhuak a. Amah hi 31/1/2016 a West Lungdar khua, a unaupa (cousin) a kahhlum vanga man leh case siamsak a ni.

A tlanbo avang hian VVK PS Case no 108 dated 9/7/2016u/s 224 IPC register nghal a ni. Amah hi ngo lam deuh, feet5.5 bawr vela sang, a ban vei lama tattoo nei, a mitko veilama ser nei a ni.
A Unaupa A Thah Dan

Hetiang mi lo hmu leh a awmna chin hria chuan mahni awmna atanga hnai ber Police Station ah hriattir nghal turin mipuite kan inngen a, fimkhur turin kan inchah bawk.

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