POSTED by AZ Khawlhring On July 9, 2016

Tumah ngai pawimawh vaklo North Korea chuan South Korea leh US ten advanced missile defence system South Korea lamah tirhluh a nih tur thu an puan hnu lawkah an duhlohna lantirna ni ngei turin Submarine-launched ballistic missile a test leh ta rup mai.

North Korea in missile an test thu hi South Korea defence ministry chuan rawn puangin an test hun hi chawhma lam dar 11:30am vel khan Korean peninsula a water east ah niin an tarlang.

North Korea hian khawvelin test mai mai atan an duhloh tak mai SLBM missile hi April 23 khan Kim Jong Un chuan South Korea leh US bei turin theihna an nei a ni tih entirnan a lo test tir tawh bawk a ni.

Vawiin a missile an han test leh nghut nachhan ber ni a rin chu Kim Jong Un hrekna thar US in a siam vangte leh Terminal High Altitude Area Defence system(THAAD) South Korea lama huntur thupuan thar awmta te vang ni ngeia rin a ni. He missile defence system tha eltiang lutuk South Korea lama awm tur hi China leh Russia pawhin an helh hle reng a ni.


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