• Pawngsual thu post vangin chanchinbumi man?

Lunglei district khaw pakhata hmei­chhe naupang khuaikhem leh pawngsual chungchanga Facebook-a ‘Save Mizoram’ tih group-a thu post-tu SL Chhunga s/o T Hrangliana, Lunglei Chanmari-I chu Lunglei police-te’n an man a, interim bail-a chhuah rih a nia thu dawn a ni.

Lunglei police-te hnen aṭanga thu dawn danin, SL Chhunga hian Save Mizoram tih group-ah hian Biakmawia, Lunglei district (a khaw hming hi thupsak a ni) in a fate a pawngsual thu a post-ah, a tuartu naupangte hming, kum zat, pa hming lehan unau zatte a ziak lang tel a; chu vang chuan Lunglei District Child Protection Officer-in July 7, 2016-ah Lunglei Police Station-ah FIR a thehlut a ni.

SL Chhunga lakah hian police-te chuan Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act Section 239 leh JJ Act Section74(3) hmangin thubuai an siamsak a, July 7 tlaiah an man. Lunglei District Jail-a dah a nih hnuah, Court-in interim bail-in a chhuah rih mek nia thu dawn a ni.

Naupang pawngsual thu hi a tuartu naupangte hming nen Lungleia chanchinbu palite pawhin an chhuah a; chanchinbu enkawltute chuan Court-ah interim bail an lak hman avangin police-te’n an la man lo. Mi palite chuan anticipatory bail an dil a, an dilna chu July 20, 2016-ah Court-in a ngaihtuah ang.

He pawngsual thu vek hi Aizawla chanchinbu ṭhenkhat pawhin a tuartute hming nen an chhuah avangin Aizawla DCPO-te chuan July 7, 2016 khan Aizawl Police Station-ah FIR an thehlut bawk a; police-te’n an bawhzui dan erawh hriat a ni rih lo.

Integrated Child Protection Society (ICPS) hotute chuan, pawngsualna thleng chungchang media-a puanzarna ah, a tuartute nihna hriat theihna turin an hming, kum leh khuate puanzar phal a nih loh thu an sawi.

Source : Vanglaini


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