POSTED by Dingdi On July 17, 2016

Zirtawpni tlaia Sihphir rama Parachute a uai thla nia sawi chu nimin tlai dar 3:30 vel pawh khan hmuh a la ni lo a, zawn zui mek zel a ni.

Sihphir YMA hruaitute hnen atanga thudawn danin, Parachute a mihring uaithla hi chu hmuh a ni ngei a, a hmutute zingah pawh YMA OB pakhat pawh a tel ngei a, hmun hrang hrang atanga hmuh a ni a, a hmutute hi mi rintlak tak tak an ni thu sawiin, Sihphir YMA hruaitute chuan, mahse a tumna tak hi zawn hmuh ala nih loh thu Dingdi an hrilh a, zawn chhunzawm mek zel a ni a, vawiin chawhnu inkhawm ban pawh hian a zawng tur an kal chhuak leh tawh thu an sawi.

Sihphir YMA hruaitute chuan thil mak tak a ni, a hnu hma engmah hmuh ala ni lo a, engnge ni ang tih hi keini pawhin kan inrinsiak vel mai mai a ni an ti a, heti khawp hian mi a tibuai ang tih pawh kan ring phak lo an ti hial.


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