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  • Mizoram Sorkar hnathawk zat

State chhunga sawrkar hnathawk awm zat chu 59,609 an ni a, heng zinga za zela 64.47 te chu Non-Plan atanga hlawh la an ni.

Planning and Implementation Dept hnuaia Economics Statistics tistics-in tunhnaia kum 2015 chhunga state sawrkar hnathawk dinhmun a zirchianna ‘Census of Govt Employees and Workers Mizoram, 2015’ a tihchhuah tarlan a nih dan chuan, sawrkar Non-Plan hnuaia hlawh late hi mi 40,702 an ni a, Plan hnuaia hlawh la mi 12,675 awmin za zela 19.44 an ni a.
Centrally Sponsored Scheme(CSS) hnuaia hlawh la mi 6,232 an awm a, CSS hnuaia hlawh la hi za zela 16.07 an ni.

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