Home minister R Lalzirliana chuan NGO leh kohhran leh pawl danga inhman thuk chhuanlama hmanga sawrkar hnathawk, transfer tur zawm hleithei lo an awm thin niin a sawi.

Central Training Institute, Sesawng atanga 35th Batch MizoramHome Guards & Civil Defence Recruit Volunteers Course leh 8th Batch Excise & Narcotics Department Basic Course training chhuakte passing out parade July 15-a a hmanpuinaah Home minister chuan transfer and posting chungchang hi a sawi a.
“Hmunkhata NGO, kohhran leh pawl hran hrana inhman thuk chhuanlam vangin sawrkarin hmundanga a sawnna order zawm theilo an awm thin chuan kan hnaah kan chian tawkloh thin zia a tilang a. Kan service-na apiang hi ram leh Pathian tan kan rawngbawlna a ni vek a, NGO leh thildanga kan nihna chu kalsan theihloh emaw intih loh tur a ni,” a ti.

Training chhuakte chu mipuite vengtu tur an nih angin India danpui leh hnam puanzar hnuaia an thuthiam te nghet taka vuan turin a chah.

Training course hi Jan 15, 2016 atanga neih tan a ni a. 35th Batch MRHG recruit volunteers course-ah hian recruit 35-in training zawmin, 8th Batch Mizoram Excise & Narcotics Basic Course ah hian recruit mi 40 ten training hi an zawm a; an vai hian course an zo a ni.

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