Mibo Zawng tura ngenna

Moses Lalhriatpuia (25) S/O C.Lalchhuanawma Melthum chu Dt, 28/7/2016 (Nilaithawhtan) Zana alenna Aizawl College Vengatanga ahaw tur College veng Taxi Stand atanga Taxi a a chuang chu Dt, 31.7.2016 thleng hian a chin hriat a la nilo a.

Lo hmu emaw a awmna chin hria chuan heng Phone no 9862712364 emaw
7085264815 emaw
8730968904 ah te hian min hriattir thei ula kan lawm hle ang.

Amah hi ft 5.7 vela sang a ni a. I awmna group ah min lo tihdarh/Forward zel turin kan ngen a che.

About Mizo Archive

I'm the one who collect the best writings of Mizos
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