Jul 30, 2016, Times News Network-in a tarlandanin Air intelligence unit, Kolkata Customs te chuan Mizo 4, Samuela, Vanlalzawni, Lalpekmawi leh Lalnunsiama te kut atangin 4 crore hu, US dollar dan lova tawlhruk an tum ni a rin an man.

Thudawnna-in a sawidanin air unit intelligence official te hian an thu dawn bawhzuiin heng mi te hi security check point paltlang an tum lai an lo tiding a. Heng mi te hian an ipte-ah chuan Custom danin a hal chin US $ 700 aia tlem an ak a, “Reilote an thuamhnaw (luggage) kan dap hnu-in an air bag chhunga uluk taka a hranpa, a ruka thui chhungah heng pawisa note te hi kan hmuchhuak ta a ni,” tiin Air intelligence unit official pakhat chuan a sawi.


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