Gas check chungchanga Sorkar thuchhuah


No. I.21011/1(C)/2010-DTE(SPY) Vol-II: Director, Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs hova Ni 15.07.2016, thukhawm in a rel angin tunlai hian khua/veng thenkhatah DC atanga permit nei leh Directorate, FCS&CA atanga permit hlui nei ten IOC tirh/aiawh nia in sawiin veng/khua hrang hrangah kal lawrin mi gas an check sakin, thlak ngai nia an sawite thlak sakin pawisa an laksak thin nia hriat a ni a, hei hi dan kalh a nih avangin hetianga permit lo nei tawh te hi DC-in a cancelled sak tawh a, Directorate, FCS&CA atanga permit nei pawh cancelled nghal an ni.

Hetianga House to House survey leh check ngai a nih chuan a bialtu LPG Distributor-te chauhin an check thei a ni. He Order chhuah hnua hetiang tih ching hmu leh hria chuan thuneitute hnenah rang taka report tur a ni.

Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs,
Mizoram:: Aizawl
Dated Aizawl, the 2 August 2016

(Note: _House to House Gas checking hi Kum 2 dan a neih thin tur a ni a, 2 years mandatory Domestic LPG inspection tih a ni. 2 years Mandatory Domestic LPG Inspection tih man hi Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Govt of India bituk angin Rs 75/- lak thin tur a ni_)


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