Mizoram atanga Damdawi tha lo ruihhlo um bo beihpui thlakna hmahruai atan nimin chawhnu dar 2:30 khan 3Rd MAP hmunpui Mualpuiah ruihhlo cheng vaibelchhe 10 chuang man halral a ni.

Nimina ruihhlo halral te hi Mizoram Police in an man khawm Court-a chinfel tawh Heroin No. 4 Kg. 1.64 Kg. Methamphedrine Kg. 29.66, Pseudoephedrine kg 4895.80. Ganja kg 150, Proxivon capsule 102, Codine 100 ml bottle 10 leh Codine Lincof 100 ml, bottle 7 Kg 1 a rit te an ni a. Heg ruihhlo te hi tual chhung rate incheng vaibelchhe 10, nuai 21 sing 3, sang li zakua sawm sarih pathum a ni.

Ruihhlo te hi Home Minister, Pu R.Lalzirliana, Parl. Secy. Col. ZS Zuala, MYC chairman Pu T.Sangkunga, DGP Pu Thianghlima IPS Excise & Narcotics Deptt. aiawhin Comissioner Pu Lalhmunsanga, Central YMA president Pu Lalbiakzuala ten heng ruihhlo te hi an halral a ni.


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