Rio Olympic Gymnastic ah Chesual, Said a ke a tliak

  • France Gymnast Said Broke his leg

Nizan khan Samir Ait Said (France) chuan gymnastic ah a ke a titliak hlauh a, a invawrh vir a, a tum turin rap sualin a tliak a, TV ah pawh a ri a hriat theih hial. A tan Olympic a tawp ta der mai.

A hma lawk hian Andreas Toba, Germany pawhin a khup a ti na a, pommel horse (thingsakawr chunga vir kual) a ti thei tawk a, medical treatment la turin a chhuak nghal a, hemi hnu lawk ah Said hi chesualin a ke a ti tliak ta a ni.

Nizan chu gymnastic lamah tum sual, zuang sual, invawrh diklo an awm nual mai a, Israel gymnast pakhat pawh a tum sual a, a bai deuh a, competition a ti zui thei thung. Korea leh Japan gymnast te pawh an tla fuh lova, chhuat ah an thal tawp tawp a, hliam na tak an nei lo hlauh.

Horizontal bar a tha ber nia ngaih Japan gymnast Uchimura pawh horizontal bar ah a chesual a, thum dawt khawpin a tla a. A invawrh vir in a man fuh tawk lova, zangthal zawngin a tla


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