The Mizoram Victims of Crime Compensation(Amendment) Scheme, 2016*

He Scheme hi section 357-A of Cr PC tlawhchhana siam a ni a. Ni. 5.12.2011 ațanga hman tawh niin 1.8.2016 khan Mizoram Gazette a chhuah anih veleh a hman theih turin Home Deptt. amendment a chhuah a ni.

*A pawimawh na* :
Mi kut tuar/accident(hit &run case etc) an awma, a titu ber hriat tawhsi loh ang chi ah hian ekcheh țhut ngawt ngawt lova a tuartu/a chhungte compensation pek theihna dân a ni ber mai.

Hetiang hian a tlem lam(minimum)ah compensation pek theih a ni :

1. Acid attack – Rs 3 lakhs
2. Rape – Rs 3 lakhs
3. physical abuse of minor – Rs 2 lakhs
4. Rehab of human traficking – Rs 1 lakh
5.Sexual assault (excluding rape) – Rs. 50,000/-
6. Death – Rs. 2 lakhs
7. Permanent Disability – Rs. 2 lakhs
A dang tesep pawh a awm nual, a vai chuan 13 lai a ni.

*Claim buaipui dan* :

1. FIR police station hnaiberah thehluh phawt tur.

2. FIR register anih veleh a copy dil a, kawl țhat tur.

3. Doctor exam tira, a hliam/thihchhan ziah lan ngei tur. Hei hi case inquiry/investigation titu tan a ngai a, a photocopy kawl ve tur.

4. Case IO in thihna/hliam chinchang a hriat mai theih loh chuan Final Report a siam ang a, evidence hnuhchhuah hnuhnawh anih pawh a chhui chhunzawm theih tur ang chi in Court ah a thawn ang.

5. Court chuan IO report angin case tihtawpna order a siam ang.

6. No.1 ațanga No. 5 copy te keng hian District Legal Service Authority (District Court) ah mizo țawngin compensation hi dil mai tawh tur a ni.

7. Thihna thil a nih chuan mitthi nena inlaichinna tihchianna document submit tel bawk tur a ni.

Mamuani Hnamte


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