• Khuangchera Lungphun tlawh.
  • Ailawng ah Khuangchera lung.
  • Khuangchera lung ziak.

Union Minister of State for Railways Rajen Gohain chuan August 19 chawhma dar 9:30 khan Khuangchera hriatrengna Lungphun Ailawng khuaah a tlawh a,a thlanah zahna chibai bukin pangpar a dah.

Union Minister chuan Khuangchera hriatrengna lungphunah thutawi sawiin Mizote hnam pasaltha chu a ngaisan thu a sawi a, Pasaltha Khuangchera’n British te lo do a, Mizo hnam tana a nunna a hlan chu a ngaihhlut thu leh a ngaihpawimawh thu a sawi bawk a ni.

Union Minister chuan Khuangchera hriatrengna turin Ailawng khuaah Khuangchera hminga chawlhbuk emaw Khuangchera hriatrengna tur thil engemaw ber siam a nih theih nan ruahmanna siam turin Sorkar laipui hotu te hnenah thlen tur thu a sawi bawk.

Khuangchera Memorial Society Chief Patron Prof.Laltluangliana Khiangte, Head of Department (Mizo), Mizoram University chuan Pasaltha Khuangchera a buaipui chhoh dan sawiin, a chanchin drama a ziah chu India ram mipui tam zawkin an chhiar theih nan Hindi-a tih chhuah a nih thu a sawi a, “hei hi a lo hlawk hle a, heta tang hian thil kal dan hi a lo danglam ta a ni” a ti.

Khuangchera hriatrengna lungphuna thu inziak ‘Duty Nobly Done Famous Mizo patriot A martyr for his Country Mizo/Indian Freedom Fighter’ tih ziak a nih chhan a sawifiah bawk.

Union Minister of State for Railways Rajen Gohain leh amah tawiawm tu te hi hi Ailawng khawtlangin a khawnawt in an lo hmuak a, Khuangchera Hall-ah thingpui inpuina hun an hmang bawk.

Union Mininster in Khuangchera hriatrengna lungphun officiala a tlawh tur hi zirlai pawl pahnihin thulh tura an ngen angin offical-in he hun hi hman a ni lova, Zirlai pawl pahnih MZP leh MSU hruaitu thenkhat te pawh Union Minister in a sawmna angin Ailawng khuaah hian an kal a, boruak duhawmlo thleng a awm lo.


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