Assembly session nei dawn

Mizoram Legislative Assembly Session chu tun thla ni 30 khian an thukhawm dawn a,Session thutkhawm kohna hi Governor chuan vawiin khan a siam a, he session hi constitution siamthat tum 122-na bill, tunhnaia Parliament in hnihin a lo pass tawh state Assembly tenan pawmpuina tur a ni a, constitution siamthatna hi pawm a hman theiha siam anih hunah sorkar laipuiin chhiah a lak dan siamthatna tur GST bill chu pass leh tur a ni ang.

Hemi bakah hian Transport dept in road tax pek dan chungchanga ordinance tunhnaia a siam Assembly in a pawmpuina tur a ni dawn bawk a, session rei zawng tur hi Speaker Pu Hiphei-a hova Business Advisory Board tun thla ni 24-a an thutkhawm hnuah chauh hriattheih a ni anga, session programme kimchang duan a ni dawn a ni


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