• Champhai ah inneih hlanin inkang.

Vawiin chawhnu dar 3:40pm vel khan Champhai , PHE Veng a Pu pakunga(L) te In , chhungkaw hnih luah lai chu bungrua engmah chuh hman lohin a kang a, an chhungkua hi Bethel Presbyterian Biakin a an fanu Tetei te inneihna a inkhawma an kal hlan a nih avangin in awm an awm loh lai a ni a, vanneihthlak takin mihring thi leh hliam an awm lo hlauh a ni.

Kan thu dawn danin, pu Pakunga(L) te in hi Assam type , mizo pa chhiar a chhawnghnih a ni a ,a hnuai zawk hi a fanute’n an luah a , kangmei chhuah lai hian in awm an awm loh avangin a chhan hriat mai theih a ni lo.

Thenawm khawveng te’n kangmei a chhuak tih an hriat meuh chuan mei alh hi a lo nasat tawh avangin thelh mih mai theih a ni lo a, In dang a kang kai tur erawh vanneihthlak takin an veng thei hram a ni.


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