Sawhthing Qtl. nuai 2 thar beisei

MCAB Share holder Society 19 zinga Firm 10 Champhai District a awmte chuan Champhai District chhunga khaw hrang hrang Sawhthing chingtute an zawhfiah danin kumin hian Sawhthing Quintal Nuai 2 chuang thar beisei a ni.

Mizoram Co-operative Apex Board in Agriculture Marketing lama hmala tura a din Mizoram Agriculture Marketing Solution (MAMSol) chuan Mizoram chhunga Aieng leh Sawhthing thar chhuahte hralh chhawng turin hma a la mek a. MAMSol kutke tichak tur hian MCAB chuan Share Holder Society zinga Firm 19 te chu thlang chhuakin, heng Socity-te hian kumina khaw hrang hrang Sawhting thar chhuah dan an zawt fiah mek a. Kumin hian Sawhthing thahnem tak thar beisei niin, khaw mal Sawhthing Quintal 10000 (singkhat) chuang thar thei tura beisei an awm nual dawn ni a thu dawn a ni.

MCAB chuan MAMSol kaltlanga phai lama Sawhthing leh Aieng hralh chhawn dan kawng dap mekin, kumin chhunga Sawhthing thar chhuah theih beisei zat tlangpui hre lawk tur leh kut hnathawktute thlai thar chhuah chu a chingtute hnen atanga man zawk a lei sak tura ruahmanna a siam bakah sawhthing hralhna man mumal taka bithliah anih theih nan chak takin hma ala chhoh mek a ni.



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