SUV car sut naute hliam tuar lovin thi ve leh

Author: DINGDI
  • F.Lalremruata (26) Bungkawn in mi su hlum
  • jail ah dah a ni.
  • October ni ni 15, 2016 zan dar 7 vela Mau-buang Damdiai venga SUV car in a sut zinga mi Jonathan Hmingthantluanga (thla 2) s/o Rebecca Lalbiakkimi chu Inrinni tlai dar 3:10 khan NewLife Hospital ICU-ah a hliam tuar lovin a thu ve leh.

    Tarlan tawh angin Thiak-a birthday lawm haw SUV car F.Lalremruata (26) Bungkawn Venglai khalhin Maubuang Damdiai vengah mi 4 a hnawl a, an zinga pakhat Zorampari (62) w/o Lalremthanga Mau-buang khua chu a boral nghal a, mi pathum in hliam an tuar a ni.

    Pawikhawihtu hi Police ten manin thubuai siamsak a ni a, Central Jail ah dahluh nghal a ni.


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