Union Civil Avation Minister hnenah thlawhna service titawp lo turin ngen

Tun thla tawp atanga Aizawl leh Imphal inkar thlawkna thlawk thin Air India in a tihtawp dawn avangin, Chief Minister Pu Lal Thanhawla chuan Union Civil Avation Minister hnenah ziaka thlenin, he thlawhna service hi tihtawp lo turin a ngen a,
Sorkar laipuiin thlawhna hmanga khaw te deuh te tlawhpawh theih tura ruahmanna a siam laia, a ram leilungin a zirloh avangin kawngpui nei tha hlei thei lo Mizoram angah, thenawm state atanga thlawhna hmanga tlawhpawh theih a ni lo tur chuan a nghawng a na hle dawn a a hriat thu sawiin, Mizoram leh Manipur-a cheng te chu intlawhpawh tawn reng, chhungkhat laina te awm hranna anih avangin, thlawhna tihtawp mai a rem dawn lo a ni a ti.

Hei bakah hian Mizorama zirna in lian, Mizoram University, Veterinary College leh RIPANS a zirlaite pawhin harsatna an tawh phah ngei dawn a ni, a ti bawk.


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