• Oct 28 zan rei hnua Line of Control, Macchal sector Kupwara a India sipai leh Pakistan sipai leh helpawl tangkawp inkahna ah chuan India sipai pakhat kahhlum a nih baka a nghawng tan sak a ni.

    India sipai thi hi Manjeet Singh, 17 Sikh Light Infantry ami a nia, he inkahna ah hian amah bakah helpawl pakhat pawh a thi ve niin Northern Command thuchhuak chuan a tarlang.Hetiangthil a thlen mek lai hian Pakistan media te chuan India sipai hian an rawn kap hmasa nia puhin civilian pawh pathum lai an thi niin an ziak ve thung.

    Manjeet Singh hi kahhlum a ni mai bakah a nghawg hi tan bun sak a nia, a titu helpawl ho te hi Pakistan sipai te tanpuina in Pakistan Kashmir ah an tlanlut leh niin report chuan a sawi .He inkahna avang hian India sipai te chu an thin a ur hle a an sipai chanpui an chan hi pawi an tih thu sawiin phuba an lak ngei tur thu an sawi bawk.Heti anga India sipai Kashmir hmun ah an nghawng tan bun saka an awm hi 2013 hnuah a vawihnih na a ni tawh.


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