‘State of the States Award 2016’-ah Mizoramin chawimawina pahnih a dawng.

India Today chanchinbu-in kawng hrang hranga state hnathawk tha chawimawina a ‘State of the States Award 2016’-ah Mizoramin chawimawina pahnih a dawng.Press Secretary to Chief Minister Pu L.R. Sailo hnena\anga thudawn danin Mizoram hian Economics lehhriselna lama state tenau zinga hmasawn ber chawimawina a dawng a. Heng chawimawinate hi Delhi-a ITC Maurya-ah Finance Minister Pu Lalsawta’n Mizoram aiawhin a dawng a ni.

Kum engemawzat a\ang khan India Today hian state sorkar hrang hrangte hnathawh dan leh hmasawn dan hi tehna hrang hranga tehin chawimawina a lo siam tawh \hin a. State lian zingah hnathawk \ha ber leh hmasawn ber thlangin chutiang bawkin state tenau zingah thawk \ha ber leh hmasawn ber a thlang \hin a. Chumi kawngah chuan tehna hrang hrang 11 hmangin teh leh an ni a. A pumpui-a ti\ha bakah hmasawnna peng hrang hrang kalpui dan endik a ni leh bawk.

State tenau hmasawn ber zinga a pumpui-a ti \ha ber chu Puducherry a ni a, law and order leh agriculture-ah lawmman an dawng bawk a. Peng hrang pahniha chawimawina dawng awm chhun chu Mizoram a ni.

Hnathawk \ha ber state thlanna atan hian kum 2013-14 chhunga an hnathawh dan en a ni a. State hmasawn ber thlanna-ah chuan kum 2012-13 leh 2013-14 chhunga an hmasawn dan chu tehfungah hman a ni thung a ni.


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