Mizoram Baptist Kohhran (BCM) in Grape tui sawr Sacrament atan an hmang dawn

  • Mizoram Baptist Kohhran (BCM) chuan Champhai Grape Growers’ Society te Grape tui sawr chhuah chu an KohhranSacrament atan an hmang dawn.

    Champhaia kan corr. hnen atanga thu dawn danin, Champhai Grape Growers’Societyleh Baptist Kohhrante hi inbe fel tawhin, tunkar Inrinni khian Lunglei Serkawna Baptist Kohhran hmunpuiah inremna thuthlung an ziak dawn a, inremna thuythlung ziak tur hian naktukah Champhai Grape Growers’ Society hruaitute’n Lunglei an pan dawn a ni.

    Hetihlai hian Champhai Grape Growers’ Society hian an Grape tuifir sawr chhuah chu inremna an lo siampui tawh Guwahati-a hmunpui nei ‘Radiant Manufacturer Ltd.’ hnenah an la hralh tluang zel tih kan corr. chuan a sawi bawk.



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