NABARD in Vaibelchhe 21000 pe chhuak

Economic Affairs Secretary Shaktikanta Das chuan pawisa tlang tih thih a nih avanga harsatna an tawh loh nanloneitute hamthatna turin National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) chuan cheng vbch 21,000 district cooperative bank-te a pek thu a sawi.

He thil hi loneituten thlasik thlai te tha leh hlawhtling taka an chin theih nana sawrkar hmalakna a nih thu New Delhi-a thuthar lakhawmtute hmaah Pu Das-a chuan a sawi a. December ni 31 thleng khian mobile phone hmanga khawla sum an khawihchetna velah chawi a awm lo tur thu sawiin mipuiin an sum khawihchetnaa khawl hman an uarna tura tih anih thu a sawi bawk. Ram pumah ATM nuai 1 atangin sing 8 chuang chu hman theiha buatsaih a ni tawh a, cheng 500 leh 2000 tlang thar pawh post office nuai 1 leh sing 5 chuangah pek chhuah tawh a ni a ti bawk.


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