Bank official te hrem

Union Finance Ministry chuan pawisa tih thih anih hnuah Bank official 27 chu diklo taka sum tih chetna leh RBI kaihhruaina an zawmloh avangin suspend an ni tawh a, mi 6 transfer an ni tawh bawk a ti. Bank-te hian pawias tih thih a nih hnuah sum chevel khawihin taima takin hna rei tak tak an thawk a. Hetihlai hian official thenkhatin diklo takin thil an lo ti ve bawk a ni a ti .

Ministry chuan tluang taka pawisa che vel a kal theih nan theihtawp chhuah a ni a, dan kalha che leh thil diklo zawnga lo ti an awm a nih chuan an chungah hremna lekkawh a ni ang a ti bawk.


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