Rs 10 thir lem a awm lo

Tunlaiin cheng 10 thir design inanglo chhuak a awm a, hengte hi Reserve Bank of India kaltlang a pek chhuah vek a nih avangin, a hman theih tih RBI thuchhuah chuan a sawi.

Mipui mamawh phuhru turin pawisa thir hrang hrang siamchhuah fo thin a ni a, thupui hrang hrang tilar turin design tharin pawisa thirte hi siamchhuah an ni bawk a, chuvangin a lenzawng te a bial dan emaw a thu inziak te a inanglo nual a, chengsawm thir thenkhatah ”Rupee Symbol“ a awm laiin, a thenah chuan a awm ve lova, an landanah danglam mahse cheng sawm an ni ve ve a, pawisa hmantheih a pawm an ni vek tih an thuchhuahah chuan tarlan a ni.

Mi thenkhat ten thil hrechiang lovin, heng pawisa thir nawite hi a lema chhalin thu an thehdarh a, dawrkai leh mipui nawlpuite ti chiai in, heng pawisa thir te hi an dawng duh lo ni a thu dawn a ni chu a pawi hle tih sawiin hetiang thudiklo thehdarh hi awih mai lo turin Reserve Bank of Indiachuan mipuite a hriattir a ni.


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