National Food Security Scheme hman a nih hnuah mipuiin buhfai tam zawk an dawng

Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Minister John Rotluangliana’nNational Food Security Scheme hman anihhnuah mipuiin buhfai tam zawk an dawng mek tih house a hrilh a.

Supply Minister hian zawhna chhangin, AAY hnuaiah chhungkaw khatah kg-a cheng 3 zelin buhfai kg 35 pe a nihthu leh, hei hi chhungkaw khata mihring awm zat chhut kher lova pek a ni tih a sawi a, Priority Household family chu kg a cheng 3 tho in kg 5 pek an ni a ti bawk.

He scheme hnuaiah hian PHH family member te chuan an buhfai dawn bakah buhfai kg 3 cheng 15 in a dil belh thei tih sawiin, National Food Security Scheme in a huam ve lohte chu kg ah cheng 15-in buhfai kg 8 pek an ni a ti bawk.

Pu John Rotluangliana chuan, Mizoramah chuan National Food Security Scheme hnuaiah puitling leh naupang hrutrual an nih thu sawiin, kg 8 vek pek an ni a ti a, mipuite hnenah buhfai hi thla khatah quota full-a sem tura tih a ni naa, a latu tur lam thenkhat tan vawi khata lak vek a harsat deuh thin avangin siamremin thla khata vawi hnih emaw la turin tih a ni thin, a ti bawk.


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