Pu Lalchungnunga Kum 36 H/o Pi Lalbiakengi (Maengi) Electric Veng, Lunglei a mi chu nimin 14 dec. chhun khan a rawng hnawihna lamah chesual palhin inchung atangin a tla a, a hliam tuar chhuak zo lovin nizan dar 9:30 vel khan a thi.

Kan thu dawn danin Pu Chungnunga hi Pu M Thansiama te in rawnghnawihin a in hlawh a , rawng hnawih lai chu chesual palhin in leh in inkarah a tla thla a , serkawn damdawiin panpui nghal a ni a, ahliam hi a nat em avangin tuar chhuak zo loin nizan khan a thi ta a ni.

A ruang hi nizan khan lumenpui a ni a, vawiin chhun dar 12:00 ah vui a ni ang .


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