Supreme Court-in Schedule Tribe leh Schedule Caste-te humhimna tur Dan kengkawh turin sorkar a hriattir

Supreme Court-in Scheduled Caste leh Scheduled Tribe-te humhimna tur dan kengkawh tha turin sorkar laipui leh state sorkarte a hriattir.

Chief Justice TS Thakur-a kaihhruai Bench chuan khua leh tui zawng zawngte chanvo angkhat neih tir chu ram Danpui tum ber ni mahse Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act and Rules kenkawh kawngah thuneitute an hlawhchham a ni, a ti a, he Dan siam a nih chhan hi tha hle mahse, thuneitute lamin an ngaihsak loh avangin a hlawhchham a ni, a ti.

Supreme Court chuan SC leh ST-te humhim kawngah National Commission-te pawh an mawhphurhna theuh, tha taka hlenchhuak turin a hriattir a, National Legal Services Authority chu SC leh ST mi-ten Dan kaihhnawih lam thil, a thlawna an dawn theih nan ruahmanna siam turin a hriattir bawk.


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