Pawisa hlui dah dan tidanglam

Reserve Bank of India chuan thupek thar siamin pawisa note hlui tihthih takte chu December ni 30 ral hmain Account pakhatah tum khat chauh a dahluh theih ang, a ti.

Cheng 500 leh Sang 1 note tihthih takte Bank account-a dahlut tur hian a dahlut turte’n eng vanga dah lut tlai nge an nih tih Bank thuneitute hnenah an sawifiah a ngai tawh bawk ang a, Cheng Sang 5 chunglam chu Bank-in KYC an tihfel vek hnuah chauh dahluh phalsak an ni ang.

RBI hian pawisa ‘note’ thi tawhte hi pawisa chherelh ngaihhnathiamna Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana scheme, PMGKY hnuaiah chuan duh zat zat dahluh theih a nih thu a sawi bawk a. PMGKY scheme hnuaiah hian black money neitute chuan Bank-a pawisa an dahluh dawnin an pawisa dahluh zat atanga zaa 50 chu chhiah an chawi a ngai ang a, zaa 25 dang pawh kum 4 chhung chu a pung awm loa an dah a ngai bawk dawn a ni.


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