Pu Lalrinmawia leh Pu T.Sangkunga te an bang

Labour Employment & Industrial Training Minister Pu Lalrinmawia Ralte chuan tunhnaia NIAS Kolkata zirna in lem nia sawia zirlai tirh an nih chungchang thu kal zelah nimin khan Chief Minister hnenah a banna a thehlut a.

Nizan khan MYC chairman, MLA Pu T. Sangkung a pawhin CM hnenah banna a thehlut ve bawk.

Pu Lalrinawmai Ralte hian Chief Minister chu duhsak taka Minister nihna a pek avanga a lawmthu hrilhin, LE&IT hnuaia Welfare Board sum hman thuah leh approval pek thu-ah sawi neuh neuh a awm avang te leh Chief Minister meuh pawh inhnahnmahnawiha puhna te a lo awm chhohtak avangin thudik hailan a nih theih nan, chhui a nih laia thuneihna hmang thei loa a awm theih nan banna a thehluttih a sawi a, a banna chu pawmsak ngei turin Chief Minister a ngen a ni.

Pu T Sangkunga leh Pu Lalrinmawia Ralte te banna hi Governor pawmpui turin vawiinah thehluh rin a ni.


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