• Leiminin bankhur laitu chhilhhlum.
20/2/2017 dar 2:30 vel khan Aizawl Edenthar venga hnathawk, ban khur lai mek chu a chhak atanga lei min in a chhilh a, mi tlawmngaiten an lak chhuah hnuah damdawi in panpui a ni a, dar 3 vel khan a boral ta a ni.

Amah hi H Lalngaihawma kum -31 s/o Sawiluaia Kawlkulh khua a ni.
A pawi hle mai, A kalsan tak a chhungte Pathianin awmpuiin thlamuan se tih hi kan tawngtaina a ni.

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I'm the one who collect the best writings of Mizos
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